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Fifteen things you seriously must see before leaving Buenos Aires

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

A white marble colonial-style building with a bell tower and clock on a foggy night with cars and buses zooming by.
Buenos Aires by night. ©AlonzoWright

What comes to mind when you think of Buenos Aires? Is it sensuous tango dancers, pressed together in a dimly lit parlor? Maybe you see cuts of perfectly marbled meat, dripping juices onto a cast-iron metal grate, flames licking each succulent piece. Or maybe it’s a raucous football game where you cheer shoulder to shoulder with the most passionate fans in the world. Whatever you envision, it’s so much more. Buenos Aires is one of the most visited destinations in all of Latin America, which should signal to you that people from all over the planet are flocking to this vivacious city for very good reasons. The history is palpable and diverse, the people are passionate, the food is tremendous, the architecture is inspiring, and there will be more things to do on any given night than most cities you’ve visited in the past. So what should you see on your trip to Buenos Aires? We’re glad you asked. Here are 15 of the best things to see in Buenos Aires.


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An antique wrought iron and glass dome in the center of an old market in Buenos Aires
The San Telmo Market retains much of its original character and still serves as a center of commerce in Buenos Aires. ©AlonzoWright

1. San Telmo Market

Every Sunday, hundreds of people flock to the San Telmo Market. Artisans from all over the region bring their hand-made goods, antique finds, artisanal foods, and so much more to this outdoor bazaar. If you’re here through the week, there are hundreds of indoor stalls to get lost in, lots of places to grab lunch and coffee, and just as many photo opportunities. The building dates back to the late 1800s and still retains a beautiful glass and iron ceiling in the center.


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A massive white bridge with a large fin and tension cords sits about the Rio de la Plata with skyscrapers in the background.
The contemporary Puente de la Mujer Bridge was a private gift to the city of Buenos Aires. ©AlonzoWright