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Manifesting road trips

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Road  trips

There’s something freeing about road trips. Being able to turn down any road that calls to you, having the flexibility to stay as long as you want and leave whenever you like. There’s no pressing train schedule, no long wait in a security line, nobody to tell you you’re late. It’s just you and the open road. And the possibilities are endless. Picture yourself in one of those iconic road trip scenes, like cruising down the Pacific Coastal Highway with your sunglasses on, the convertible top down and the wind in your hair. Or the heat rippling off a lonely stretch of highway lined with Joshua trees on a classic Route 66 road trip. Driving yourself gives you the freedom to explore all the hidden corners of a region that public transportation can’t reach. And the best road trips give you insight to people and places you never dreamed you’d have. Don’t be afraid to veer off.

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