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A bakset of bright red crawfish, lemons, sausage and potatoes from a crawfish boil on Manifesting Travel's food & wine travel section.

Food + wine travel

Have passport, will travel for food? Foodie travel is for those of us who understand life is too short to eat bad food. Think of it this way, our favorite dinner deliveries are international: pizza, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Mexican. But there’s nothing like having it straight from the source. Instead of ordering tacos for takeout, go on a food tour through Oaxaca and try the Mezcals exclusive to the region. Have paella on a sandy beach in Spain or get to know the many faces of French and Italian cuisine through food and wine travel. If there’s one thing culinary travel teaches us, it’s that there’s a binding cultural thread in food. We learn about the people, their customs, their access to ingredients, and the ingenuity behind cooking techniques, some of which can even seem primitive. But once you taste a country’s authentic cuisine, and not the over-salted knock-off versions served in tourist traps, you’ll never be the same.

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