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A Cuba street with bricked roads, pedestrians and electrical lines running through the sky in a Cuba travel guide.

Cuba travel guide

Most people think the best things to do in Cuba are riding around in classic American cars, sipping mojitos and  smoking cigars. But horseback riding through the tobacco fields, wading in the warm turquoise ocean and listening to some of the best live musicians in the world should be added to the list. 

best things to do in cuba

Plaza Mayor in Trinidad, Cuba at Sunset in this Cuba travel guide.

The best time to visit Cuba is between late November and May. Think sun-drenched days and shorts, a far cry from winter in the northern hemisphere. It's the end of hurricane season in the Caribbean and the weather is dry and warm, rarely dipping below 70 °F (21 °C) during the day with low temperatures falling around the mid-60s °F (19 °C). The farther south you travel, the warmer it will be.

best time to visit cuba

Sunset in Trinidad, Cuba overlooking the village in this Cuba travel guide.

There is a reason so many people flock to Havana, it's what most people think of when they envision Cuba and it's beautiful. But some of the best places to visit in Cuba are also Viñales, Trinidad, Varadero and the Cayos are even more beautiful, offering a taste of diversity found in the other regions of the island. 

best places to visit in cuba

Cuban man playing guitar in Trinidad, Cuba in thia Cuba travel guide.
Classic American cars lining a Havana street in Cuba featured in this Cuba travel guide.

Yes, Cuba is extremely safe for visitors. Tourism is highly regarded on the island and they are very protective of tourists. No matter where you're visiting, it's important to always be aware of your surroundings, safeguard your personal items and be mindful of pickpockets. 

is cuba safe?

Professional dancer at the Tropicana Hotel in Havana Cuba in this Cuba travel guide.
Hotel E Camino de Hierro in Camaguey, Cuba featured in this Cuba travel guide.

Cuba is full of grand old hotels like The Hotel Nacional de Cuba in Havana, El Gran Hotel in Camaguey and the Hotel Los Jazmines in Viñales, but the best places to stay in Cuba are the casas particulares. The Cuban version of a bed & breakfast or vacation rental, they are much cheaper, offer better food and provide a more authentic cultural exchange. They are designated by signs that look like upside down blue anchors and say "arrendador divisa" meaning they are legally licensed.

best places to stay in cuba

The best places to eat in Cuba are in the paladares, they are privately-owned by Cuban people, much like the casas particulares. But if you're looking for restaurants, the best advice you'll ever receive is to follow your nose or ask the locals. Farm to table is their way of life and the access to ingredients dictates the menu, not the other way around.

best places to eat in cuba

Enchilado de camarones, traditonal Cuban food and shrimp meal in this Cuba travel guide.

Are you manifesting travel to Cuba? The island holds a touch of mystery for many. From its sugary sand to colonial style architecture, it has been the tropical playground of some of history's most infamous partygoers. With pristine beaches and coral reefs, a sultry nightlife scene, centuries of history and a rich cultural heritage, Cuba is a must-see destination for travelers all over the world. Whether you're just visiting the Cuban capital of Havana or the beaches of Varadero, there's so much more to the island than sipping frozen cocktails and riding in classic American cars. Tour the tobacco fields and cigar factories in Viñales, explore the winding cobblestone alleys of Camaguey, listen to soulful salsa bands like Grammy Award winners the Buena Vista Social Club or rent a car and road trip from one end of the island to the other. There is no shortage of things to do in Cuba and it will be one destination you will remember for the rest of your life. 

Manifesting travel to cuba

Old Havana street with classic cars, bicycle taxis and Cuban pedestrians in this Cuba travel guide.

what kind of money do i need for cuba?

There are two types of currency in Cuba: the convertible (cone-bear-tee-blay) or CUC and the Cuban peso. Tourists are only permitted to use convertibles. When exchanging your money, the American dollar is subject to a 10% tax on top of the exchange fees. Always check for current exchange rates, but historically it's 1:1 with the American dollar. While we're talking about cash, bring plenty of it. Credit and debit cards don't work in Cuba. 

Produce cart in the street of Havana's Havana Vieja neighborhood in Cuba in this cuba travel guide.

If you're staying in a hotel, WiFi is easy to find but not always free. There are several WiFi hotspots in Cuba, many in parks, where can you connect once you've purchased an internet card from a provider nearby. Internet service is spotty in Cuba so screenshot all your important information and download everything you need beforehand in case your apps don't work. It's also a good idea to get an international plan for your trip, though you may not always have a signal. This is a great time to disconnect but if you still feel the digital itch, remember it's pronounced weefee.

where can i get wifi in cuba?

A valley in Vinales,Cuba with thatched huts, tobacco barns and rolling mogote mountains in the background in this Cuba travel guide.

You will need a valid passport and visa for entry to Cuba. The visas (tourist cards) can be obtained at the airport and range from $25-$100 each. 

what do i need to know before i go to cuba?


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