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A black and white photo of the view of the soaring Eiffel Tower and thick clouds in Paris, France on Manifesting Travel bucket list travel

Bucket list travel

Why would you want to manifest bucket list trips? Because you have one very short and precious life, and you deserve to see your deepest desires come to fruition. Bucket list destinations can vary from person to person, but there are some types of experiences that are pretty universal. See the Eiffel Tower in Paris, dance the tango in Buenos Aires, watch a Broadway show in New York City, eat ramen in Tokyo, swim with great white sharks in South Africa (ok maybe not that one). Those are just a few travel bucket list ideas you could add to your roster, but there’s one thing that should remain true for you: the very thought of the experience should bring you joyful anticipation. If you start a sentence with “I’ve always wanted to see this” or “I’ve always wanted to try that,” rest assured you’ve zoned in on the types of experiences we’re talking about. So take it from us, honor your travel desires and run toward them at full speed. It should be your goal to die with memories, not dreams.

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