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Manifesting wellness travel

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A couple soaking in a rooftop hottub at a spa in Sevilla Spain overlooking the cathedral.

Wellness  travel

When most people think about the wellness travel industry, they think of spa travel, or Costa Rican yoga retreats with private chefs, or maybe even hiring a personal trainer for a trail run up an exotic volcano in the Caribbean. And they wouldn’t be wrong. But we see the different types of “well travels” through an expanded lens. While restoring the mind and body are important pillars of health and happiness, some believe true wellness can only be achieved when the whole person is aligned. Spiritual awakening trips like visiting the Vortex in Sedona, participating in an Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru, staying at an Ashram in India, or experiencing a soul rebirthing ritual in Bali are the next wave of wellness travel. People are seeking out the most spiritual places in the world to gain insight into one of the universe’s greatest mysteries: themselves.

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