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When's the best time to travel? The answer may surprise you.

The best time to travel to Catalina Island is always with  sunny skies and temperatures all year long. ©AlonzoWright
Is it the best time to visit Catalina Island? Middle Beach in Avalon looks like this all year round. ©AlonzoWright

You're likely thinking that September is the best time to travel, after all, the weather is beautiful virtually everywhere during that month. And you'd be right. The weather is pretty mild, it's less crowded and slightly more affordable. But maybe you're not looking for a specific month, you're looking for a season. My personal favorite time of year to travel is in autumn, but that's because I'm a sucker for amber and ruby leaves. But that may not work for you either, especially if you have kids and are limited to summer vacations. Summer travel can be overly crowded and very expensive because it's usually the high season, but the weather is nice. Yikes, while you're at it, you should probably be Googling when the rainy seasons are, you want to make sure you don't go during that time either. So when, exactly, is the best time to travel?

The answer is right now. Between your workload, your finances, your health, travel advisories, weekly schedules, and a whole other slew of catastrophic events that could happen, there's never a better time to travel than right now. Let me tell you why.

Even a foggy Lucerne, Switzerland is beautiful and mesmerizing, no matter what month it is, it's still the best time to travel there. ©AlonzoWright
You've waited so long to see Switzerland and it's cold and foggy. Oh, and turns out, it's still incredibly beautiful. ©AlonzoWright

Why there's no such thing as the best time to travel

The idea that there's a single best time to travel is absurd. Everyone’s tastes are different, so a desert rat who lives in Vegas (like me) won’t shrink from rainy season because I rarely experience it. But if you live in the Scottish Highlands where they consistently record the lowest annual sunshine in the UK, you may always be chasing summer. Sure, you could wait until the tulips bloom in Amsterdam, or for the Christmas lights to go up in London. But what happens if you wait all that time, and something pops up? The truth is, now's the best time to travel because something is always going to pop up.

You know what the biggest objections are to taking your vacation time each year? Time and money. When you were much younger than you are today, you had all the freedom and flexibility in the world...but you never felt like you had enough money to travel. You probably have a lot more money now than you did then, but you probably spend more too, and you definitely don't have the free time. Are you seeing a pattern yet?

September in Spain, often thought the best time to travel to that region, because of the golden vineyards and hilltop castle towns in the distance. ©AlonzoWright
September in Spain's Rioja wine region is filled with golden vineyards flanked by hazy hilltop villages. ©AlonzoWright

Henry Ford said, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t- you’re right.” That statement is true across the board. It’s not a problem with your money or how much time you can take off, it’s a problem with your mindset. The truth is, if you look at all the reasons you shouldn’t travel, you never will. But let’s address those reasons you’re telling yourself that I’m wrong, and that it’s really not the best time to travel for you.

Because I'm willing to bet your concerns aren't as insurmountable as you think.


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Here are the most common reasons people don't think it's the best time to travel and how to overcome them.

Winter in Uruguay felt like the best time to visit with a bright sunny day, long shadow across the cobblestone alley and ocean.©AlonzoWright
We fled the Las Vegas summer heat and opted for a balmy winter day in Uruguay, and it felt like a pretty great time to be there. ©AlonzoWright

It’s not the best time to travel because I don’t have the money right now

Money is such a taboo topic with people, and it’s really unnecessary. The more smoke and mirrors we allow to cloud the way we approach and discuss money, the less we will actually be able to use it as the tool it’s intended to be for each of us. It’s just money. YOU are the one who assigns the story around it. It’s like being afraid of the boogeyman, the fear grows when we don’t address it head on. So let’s confront your money issues right now. Is your bank account so empty it echoes? Maybe that private school tuition you’re shelling out each month for Junior’s Ivy League dreams is putting the squeeze on you.

Stop thinking of all the money you don’t have, or you’ll never have it. There are so many cost saving measures people can take these days, you just have to get creative. Can you make your own coffee in the morning? Can you switch brands? Can you stay off Amazon? When’s the last time you shopped around for car insurance? When you become aware of your spending habits, you’ll start to identify so many ways to save money. The key is to modify your behavior and take whatever money you would have spent, and sock it away in that vacation fund.

An educational reform protest in Italy with people marching didn't feel like the best time to travel there, but it ended peacefully. ©AlonzoWright
We stumbled upon a protest in Italy, decided it didn't feel like the best time to be in an agitated group, then walked around the block for lunch on a quiet corner. ©AlonzoWright

It’s not safe to leave the country right now so it can’t be a good time to travel

Listen, I get it. It’s been a crazy few years for nearly every single person on the planet. And what most of us are experiencing now is psychological fatigue, brought on by so many ups and downs, you probably don’t have enough fingers and toes to count them all. But while we still feel the major shifts and disruptions from a global pandemic, skyrocketing inflation, political and civil turmoil, they all kind of hang out on the edges of our consciousness these days. You know, like a group of punk kids waiting to snatch our purses if we come too far off the porch and try to live some sense of normalcy again.

Viruses, illnesses and infections

Here’s what you have to remember, there are always (and have always been) viruses raging around the world. You just may not remember them as vividly. Remember H1N1? What about West Nile and SARS? How about Ebola? And then there was the time the Zika virus was raging.

We traveled to Cuba during the Zika virus outbreak, and I had a nurse ask me why I would even risk going to the Caribbean when we may have children someday. And you know what, it hit me right then: I would rather live every single moment I’m given on this planet then look back and wish I’d have done something, if only I hadn’t been so scared. So we bought a mosquito net for the bed and we went anyway. You have to remember, there will likely never be a time in history where a population isn’t fighting a life-threatening disease or bacteria.

Is it the best time to travel to Cuba? The beaches always have white sandy beaches and turquoise water. ©AlonzoWright
We thought the middle of the Zika virus outbreak may not be the best time to travel to Cuba, but we went anyway and it looked like this. ©AlonzoWright

Scary News

Speaking of life-threatening. Have you ever gotten some questionable test results back? The phone call from the doctor that says, “we found something and need you to come in for further testing.” If you haven’t, there’s no doubt someone you love has. And you know that feeling when the world stops rotating, every single plan you’ve ever had vanishes, and your mind starts racing about the future and potential lack thereof. Life can change in an instant, for every single one of us. We’re all sitting here with an expiration date. One of the most important things you can remember is that there were people who died today with plans for tomorrow. If that doesn’t tell you that right now is the best time to travel, keep reading.

Extremism and crime

Worried about violence and extremism overseas? That’s completely understandable, until you realize that in America, you can’t go to a movie theater, a grocery store, a spa, school or heck…even a bicycle trail without having the potential of being gunned down. Please note, I could care less what your politics are, or which side of the firearm debate you believe in…this is the reality you live in.

The New York Times published a partial list of mass shootings that had occurred in the U.S. in 2022, there were 531 with two and a half months still to go. They also cited data from The Gun Violence Archive for 2021, a nonprofit research organization that found there were 692 mass shootings that year, 28 of them involved at least four people dyi