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Insiders dish on which restaurants in Bath UK are local favorites

A bowl of vibrant green soup served with bread and glasses of white wine at one of the local favorite restaurants in Bath UK, Clayton's Kitchen
The restaurants in Bath, UK are a jewel box of rare and precious establishments. Photo courtesy of Clayton's Kitchen.

When I started researching restaurants in Bath, I went to the one place I always go for foodie advice before a trip: to the locals. If we opt for a rental instead of a hotel, I always ask the flat owner for insider tips on where to eat in town before we arrive. Then, I cross-reference the list with my own research because what’s considered good to some, may not be on par for all (listen, life is too short to eat crappy food). But in Bath, I’ve discovered the locals are not only happy to share their favorite haunts and the city’s hidden food gems, but they seem to be just as picky. We rented a beautiful Georgian townhouse from Rebecca, an interior designer in Bath, and she put together a list of recommendations with the help of her girlfriends. I'm happy to share, they were spot on.

A restored historical townhouse with Georgian period architecture in Bath, UK. ©AOnozWright for Manifesting Travel
Rebecca's exquisite Georgian townhouse we rented during our stay in Bath, UK. ©AOnozWright

Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is positively dripping in history and culture. It's known for its stunning Georgian architecture, natural thermal springs, and labyrinth-like streets. But what often gets overlooked is the vibrant food scene. As a foodie traveler, I have always been fascinated by the way cuisine brings people together and tells the story of who they are and where they came from. And in Bath, there are plenty of stories to be told through its diverse and delightful restaurants.


Beyond the Roman Baths: A Traveler's Guide to Bath, in England


The dining scene in Bath runs the gamut, from cozy pubs and cafes to authentic international cuisine and Michelin-starred restaurants. But what sets it apart is the intimate connection that many of these restaurants have with the land , the sea and the local people. The staff at these establishments are extremely passionate about their food and eager to share the stories behind the dishes they serve. Which makes a lot of sense, because so many of them work extremely hard to source their ingredients locally. In most instances, they can not only tell you which farm your produce came from, but who the butcher is and even who made the bread they just set on the table. Sourcing is a huge sense of pride in Bath. And you don’t really make that kind of effort, unless you truly care about what’s going on the plate. So let's dig in.

The first stop on our locals' recommendations on restaurants in Bath:

The Scallop Shell

22 Monmouth Place, Bath, BA1 2AY, United Kingdom

Flanked by the frigid waters of the Bristol Channel and the English Channel, it begs the question: “How is the seafood?” It doesn’t have to travel far, so you can bet it’s fresh and decadent enough that it earned