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Beyond the Roman Baths: A Traveler's Guide to Bath, England

Updated: Mar 8

The Roman Baths in Bath, England at sundown with a reflective pool, flickering lanterns surrounding the walkways and a cloudy darkening sky. ©AOnozWright for Manifesting Travel
The Roman Baths in Bath, England are the flagship attraction in this UNESCO World Heritage site. ©AOnozWright

Let’s clear a few things up; you’re probably researching a trip to Bath, England and keep seeing names like “Bath, Somerset,” or “Bath Spa” or “Bath City,” and you’re just trying to make sure you’re making your way to that glorious UNESCO World Heritage site just outside of London. First off, Bath is the name of the town, Somerset is the county, Bath Spa is the train station as well as the university, and Bath City is the football team (soccer for you American blokes).

With its striking cobblestone streets winding their way through honey-hued Georgian buildings, Bath is a must visit destination in southwestern England. Nestled in the rolling hillsides of Somerset, you’ll be whisked back in time from the minute you step foot on those ancient, cobbled streets. It’s a wonderful place to spend the weekend, getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life and it also serves as a good home base if you’re traveling on to see Stonehenge, Bristol, or the Cotswolds.


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Is Bath, England worth visiting?

This is a resounding, YES. Bath is an absolute stunner. It oozes old-world English charm and is the perfect blend of Georgian history meets a more contemporary and high-end experience. It’s got everything you could ask for, incredible period architecture, luxurious spas, vibrant museums, sprawling outdoor spaces, great food, and it’s steeped in history with ties to the Monarchy. Whether you're a wellness traveler looking for a respite, a Jane Austen or Mary Shelley fan, or you just plain want somewhere gorgeous to spend your weekend, Bath has something to offer you.

How to get to Bath, England

By Train

London’s Paddington Station to Bath Spa

We took the Great Western Railway train from a bustling Paddington Station in central London. Travel time is roughly one hour and twenty minutes, but we went during the holiday season and the trains were delayed thanks to railway strikes. Trains run every day from London, about every 30 minutes and although it’s a direct train, there are stops in Reading, Didcot Parkway, Swindon (Wilts) and Chippenham. Even though we ran into some hiccups, especially because our train was supposed to have nine cars but was condensed to five, this would still be the way we’d choose to travel to Bath. We paid $47 (£39) round trip, per person.

By Car

Heathrow Airport to Bath

If you’re coming from Heathrow Airport, it’s about 100 miles (161 km) away and should take you a little under two hours to get there. We opted for the train since we were jet lagged and it didn’t seem to be a good time to figure out how to drive on the other side of the road and the other side of the car. Go north on the Terminal 5 roundabout towards Wright Way, then follow the M4 to A46 in South Gloucestershire. Take the exit 18 from M4 for an hour and a half and follow the