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How to manifest travel in just six easy steps

Updated: Jan 11

Manifesting Travel

[ (v.) man·i·fest·ing + tra·vel ]

Aligning your thoughts + energy to create your dream travel experiences.

A man and woman stand at the edge of the Grand Canyon with the Colorado River in the background at sunset.
Hey, that's really us! Standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon. ©ManifestingTravel

What is manifesting?

So, what is manifesting anyway? Simply put, manifesting is aligning your thoughts and energy to attract what you want in your life and who you want to become. The practice is rooted in the Law of Attraction which ultimately states that your thoughts dictate your reality. Negative thoughts will reap negative outcomes, positive thoughts will reap positive outcomes, and whatever you focus your attention on, you get more of.

But before we really dig in, nobody is telling you to run out and buy crystals to chant under the full moon in the jungle with a naked shaman…also, nobody is telling you NOT to do that. Especially because that sounds like one travel experience you’ll never forget. But I am telling you that there are so many parallels between manifesting and concepts you already use that you should really take the time to explore. Because there’s a good chance you have probably already manifested something in your life without even realizing it.

A woman stands in the white sands of the Caribbean, looking out over Turquoise water.
Where are you manifesting travel? ©AlonzoWright

Why should you manifest travel?

At its core, the intrinsic benefit of manifesting travel is personal evolution. In other words, you will become a better human being just by traveling the world, because it is the ultimate amplifier for personal growth and fulfillment. The memories we collect while traveling through foreign lands translate to life lessons. Embracing uncertainty, building self-confidence, expanding our outlooks, developing more empathy; the benefits are endless.

Science even corroborates these claims. Columbia professor Adam Galinsky was quoted in The Atlantic regarding his study on the connection between international travel and boosting your creativity. He found that interacting with other cultures actually changes the neuroplasticity and cognitive flexibility of your brain. Immersive experiences, like trying local foods and hearing new languages, activate different synapses and can revitalize our minds. And the effects are long lasting, often resulting in a stronger sense of self, more creative and consistent problem-solving abilities and improved critical thinking skills.


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