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Manifesting travel to argentina

Whatever you do don't miss these 15 things to see in Buenos Aires

Where to stay in Buenos Aires & where you definitely should not

Colonia del Sacramento: Everything you need to know for a daytrip

Everything you need to know about Buenos Aires: a travel guide

Five of the best places to eat meat in Buenos Aires

Interior view of a cafe with patrons in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Manifesting argentina travel

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Are you manifesting a trip to Argentina? Then your vision board should include photos of traditional gauchos on horseback, world-class steakhouses, vineyards set against soaring mountain ranges, and of course, a cosmopolitan Buenos Aires. It’s known as the Paris of South America because of its beautiful architecture, sprawling green spaces and a serious commitment to café culture. Neighborhoods like Palermo, Recoleta, San Telmo, Puerto Madero and La Boca offer vibrant slices of culture, restaurants, shopping and nightlife. A food and wine lover’s dream, Argentina is a true foodie destination featuring internationally recognized and award-winning chefs, cuisines, and carefully curated wine collections showcasing the country’s own prized labels. Mendoza lies at the foot of the Andes Mountains and is home to Argentina’s revered Malbec wines. Bariloche is also along the Andes, but this lakeside haven serves as a great base to explore the Patagonia region. Adventure travelers and outdoor enthusiasts flock to this mostly uninhabited region each year to explore the massive glaciers, see wildlife like elephant seals, whales and penguin colonies in Tierra Del Fuego, and to kayak and hike through an abundance of flora and fauna. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, Ushuaia is at the southernmost tip of the country and is where you can board your cruise to Antarctica.

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