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Five of the best places to eat meat in Buenos Aires

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Argentinians standing around a traditional asado barbecue, grilling different kinds of meat on a wood-fire grill in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Street food in the San Telmo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. ©Alonzo Wright

There are so many great places to eat, but these are five of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires that we found while visiting the cosmopolitan foodie city. Keep in mind that these options align with pretty traditional Argentinian foods, which are heavily meat centric. As in, even the main meat course comes with a side of meat…seriously. Argentina is famous the world over for its beef because they still hold sacred the idea of producing livestock that is reliant on Mother Nature: free-range and fed grass diets, making the beef leaner, healthier and more flavorful. If you’ve ever seen images or pictured the famed South American gauchos roaming the plains on horseback, you can still find them. And they’ve been rearing cattle largely the same way since Spain first brought cows to Argentina in the 1500s. That is not to say you won’t find commercially raised cattle that is fed corn and grains, but the quality of meat produced the traditional way and cooked in the traditional asado (barbecue) format are sources of pride for the country. And nothing goes better with Argentinian beef, than Argentinian Malbec. You'll find plenty of both on this list.


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Large piece of beef served on cast-iron at La Cabrera steakhouse and parilla in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Grilled to perfection at La Cabrera ©Alonzo Wright

La Cabrera

Palermo Soho

José A. Cabrera 5099, Cabrera 5127


Don’t be confused by the two separate locations, La Cabrera Sur and La Cabrera Norte are the same restaurant, just across the street from each other. Turns out, they were so successful at one location they had to buy another building to keep up with the customer demands. That’s a pretty good sign that it’s worth the visit. Gastón Riveira is at the helm of the restaurant in which celebrity chef Francis Mallmann says is the best place to get a steak in Buenos Aires. That’s like getting kissed on the forehead by God himself. The restaurants are a little different in design, one a bit more whimsical with miniature hot air balloons hanging from the ceiling and red checkered tablecloths. This is comfort food at its finest, with hearty sides and sauces served in cast iron. They even make their own olive oil so you can get a few bottles to take home and enjoy long after you’ve left the restaurant.


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