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Ancient healing waters & bathing rituals: Bath’s most romantic spas

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Beyond the Roman Baths: A Traveler's Guide to Bath, England

A dark and foggy night along the River Thames, Westminster Bridge, Big Ben, Parliament and Westminster Abbey in London, England in the UK on Manifesting Travel

United kingdom

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Ah, the UK, home to arguably some of the most recognizable travel destinations, and not to mention musicians, in the world. The United Kingdom saw the fall of Roman civilization and the rise of the Middle Ages and the Monarchy as we know it today. There are 33 UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit in the UK, including Stonehenge, Bath in southwestern England's Somerset County, Edinburgh in Scotland, King Edward I's medieval castles in Wales and the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland. It's impossible to overstate the role the UK has played in world history and pop culture, especially having given birth to the Beatles, world-class universities like Oxford and Cambridge, the best fish and chips anywhere in the world, and the second longest reigning Monarch in history, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. High-trafficked cities like London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Liverpool are balanced by quaint country villages and sprawling landscapes in the Lake District, the Scottish Highlands, Loch Ness, the Cotswolds and the Cornish Coast. The UK is every traveler's dream destination with its diverse landscapes, rich cultural experiences like world-class museums and live entertainment, historical architecture, an avid sports scene (ok, namely football- or soccer for the Americans in the bunch) and incredible international restaurants. What's not to love?

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